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Leighton Smith Podcast Episode 1 - 30 January 2019

Leighton Smith,
The Leighton Smith Podcast,
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Wednesday, 30 January 2019, 10:00a.m.

In his inaugural podcast, Leighton Smith interviews David Betz, Professor of the War in the Modern World from King’s College, London.

Professor Betz talks Brexit, the political undermining of democracy, and the frightening possibilities ahead.

“The Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, warned that putting a stop to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU may end the centuries of ‘moderate’ politics that the UK has enjoyed since the English Civil War. Remainer politicians rounded on him, predictably accusing him of scaremongering and practising gutter politics.”

For those even slightly interested in developments that would affect us all, this is a must-listen.

Leighton also delivers his take on capital gains tax, and its inevitability under the present regime.

The Tomorrow’s Schools report gets an airing - the battle for our children’s future is underway.

And Leighton delivers a heartfelt message to those many listeners who have corresponded.

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