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Peters fires up, targets Hosking, Key and Anning

Newstalk ZB ,
Publish Date
Wed, 3 Apr 2019, 4:02PM
Winston Peters has once again taken aim at a list of targets while on The Country. (Photo / NZ Herald)

Peters fires up, targets Hosking, Key and Anning

Newstalk ZB ,
Publish Date
Wed, 3 Apr 2019, 4:02PM

Winston Peters is not one known for holding back, and he certainly didn't wasn't afraid to let loose today while on The Country.

The Deputy Prime Minister faced off against host Jamie Mackay, who wasn't immune from the bombardment of attacks.

Here are the highlights from his non-stop assault: 

On Mike Hosking"Mike Hosking has been writing all these articles about what the Government is doing, putting fear and panic out there about the Capital Gains Tax and this, that and the other thing. I decided to call him to account and justify why he made those stupid statements, and he couldn't."

"We're not going to take crap from him without defending ourselves, and defend ourselves we will." 

On Fraser Anning: "This guy got 19 votes, and he's there because the person who got first couldn't take their seat up for legal reasons. So here comes this so-and-so with 19 votes, and there he is banging on about the Christchurch terror attack being a Muslim conspiracy. We can't tolerate that kind of stuff." 

"I don't interfere in other country's politics, but I'm telling the Australian people, for goodness sake, if a system of electoral law allows a guy to get in as a state senator with 29 votes, you need to get your law fixed up." 

On the gun buy-back: "How will we pay for it? As we pay for everything else." 

On David Seymour's vote stuff-up"The ACT Party's been done to one member since John Banks. The fact is, their a lost cause, and the sooner people realise it, the better." 

On John Key and China"Under the National Party, we've been in danger of having one product - milk, one company - Fonterra, and one market - China, and the risks of that are huge. And Mr Key had nine years to try and spread our independence from one market, and he didn't do that. It's alright for him to leave the golf course and come along to the Mike Hosking show and tell you what you already know.

"You know as well as I do that the great future of farming is added value, added profit, added benefit in our country for workers and businessman and farmers before it goes off shore, not what we've got right now." 

"What did John Key do about this in the eight years he was Prime Minister? What did he do to help you guys out in provinces? That's the difficulty here." 

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