Peters dismisses 'flighty' obsession with Christopher Luxon

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Wednesday, 26 June 2019, 3:06PM
Christoper Luxon is being tipped as the next National leader. (Photo / NZ Herald)

Winston Peters says that the sudden obsession with Christopher Luxon is a clear sign about the state of National.

Yesterday, the National Party announced a caucus reshuffle after Finance Spokesperson Amy Adams announced she was retiring from politics. 

It came two days before Labour is set to announce their own Cabinet reshuffle.

Asked if his 'monarchy' meant there was no chance of a reshuffle for New Zealand First, Peters laughed it off.

He told Jamie Mackay that the party's that struggle with leadership are those without any leaders.

Peters points to the rise of Luxon, who last week quit his role as Air New Zealand chief executive and is suggesting he will move into politics.

The Deputy Prime Minister says that he does not see why Luxon has received all this attention from the "flighty, seagull-like" media.

"It was [Rob] Fyfe who saved Air New Zealand, not him. We all know that.

"The guy's utterly untested, has no track record and why on earth we have to put up with this is beyond me." 

Peters says that it is a strong indicator that National does not have a leader in its current form. 

He did have kind words for one potential Prime Minister, throwing his support behind Boris Johnson once again.

"He's not just a character, he's got serious character." 

Peters says that Johnson is not a politician who gets by sucking up to people. 

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