Bridges reacts to Hosking's praise: 'I nearly choked on my cornflakes'

Newstalk ZB,
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Wednesday, 14 August 2019, 3:34PM
Simon Bridges has addressed his unexpected praise. (Photo / NZ Herald)

National leader Simon Bridges says he was shocked to receive a glowing endorsement from Mike Hosking yesterday. 

The Newstalk ZB host wrote that Bridges is starting to look like Prime Ministerial material.

"Simon Bridges continues his slow but steady rehabilitation into what you might loosely call a pretty decent opposition leader," he wrote. 

"Bridges saying what he has sounds sensible, rational, logical and - dare I suggest - just a bit adult."

Asked about the comments by Jamie Mackay, Bridges was happy to earn the praise if a little taken aback.

"I nearly choked on my cornflakes! With praise like that, I could almost get used to it."

He says that he has spoken with members of the public and they are feeling like the Government is trying to control their lives. 

Bridges says this has been a significant month of the Government, and "more and more New Zealanders are waking up to" what the Government is doing. 

One of the matters that Hosking praised Bridges on was his comments about Ihumātao. The National leader told protesters to 'go home' from the controversial site earmarked for a housing development.

Bridges told The Country that he really worries about the appalling precedent of the situation. 

"Protesters can get empowered and potentially. You reopen, if you're not careful, full and final settlements, which will be dangerous and costly to New Zealanders." 

He also addressed gene-editing, wafter a new report called for an "urgent need" for a fresh look at how the country could use the laws.

Bridges says that if the Government doesn't change the laws themselves, he'll do so in his first 100 days in power should they win the election next year. 

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