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Simon Bridges on polls: 'I don't need to be loved'

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Thu, 5 Dec 2019, 3:57PM
Simon Bridges is confident heading into next year's election. (Photo / File)

Simon Bridges on polls: 'I don't need to be loved'

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Thu, 5 Dec 2019, 3:57PM

National leader Simon Bridges says he is happy with his current position in the polls, while the Government are 'panicky and scrambling'.

The latest 1News Colmar Brunton poll has served as an early Christmas present for Simon Bridges.

It shows National on 46 percent, and Labour on 39 percent.

ACT is up one point at two percent, and based on the poll, National and ACT would be able to form a Government.

Bridges says that the Government has got the end of their second year and the polls show they haven't delivered.

He says that their latest announcements are "scrambled eggs", such as the cannabis referendum and the electoral donations law.

"There's a real sense that they're a bit distracted, they're not doing the stuff that needs to be done."

However, Bridges' personal rating remains at 10 per cent, while Jacinda Ardern is still in the high 30s. 

A Stuff-YouGov poll also showed that 59 per cent of the public few Bridges unfavourably, compared to 27 per cent for Jacinda Ardern.

Bridges says that when it comes to the public, he doesn't want to be loved.

"I want people to know I'm consistently for them and I'm experienced."

He says that he is not worried about ACT's boost in the polls, and hopes that the David Seymour gets more MPs. 

However, the poll showed Labour and the Greens combined have almost the same amount of support which suggests it could be a nail-biting election year in 2020.

Labour is down one to 39 percent and the Greens are steady on 7 percent, giving them 59 seats in the current poll. 

NZ First is still on 4 percent and at this stage would not get back into Parliament, based on these poll numbers. However, Jacinda Ardern told The Country yesterday never to underestimate NZ First. 

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