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Federated Farmers support toughening gun laws

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 4:46PM
Some farmers use semi-automatic weapons as pest control, but still support tightening gun laws. (Photo / Getty)

Federated Farmers are happy to support new gun legislation despite how it may affect farm operations. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said that the Government will come back with gun legislation before next Monday in response to the tragic events in Christchurch. 

The move will impact farmers, as many use semi-automatic weapons to clear their land of pests. 

Spokesperson Miles Anderson told Jamie Mackay that they support the move. 

"We support working with the Government around coming up with some solutions to what has been a glaring hole in the rules and regulations."

Anderson says that semi-automatic weapons can be a key component of pest control on certain farms.

"If you're dealing with huge numbers of pests, whether it's rabbits, hares, wallabies, stoats, tahrs, unfortunately the best tool for the job is a semi-automatic firearm."

Anderson says that by the time you have reloaded using a standard shotgun, the pest could have disappeared. 

However, he says there is no place on farms for military-style assault weapons. 

The Country producer Rowena Duncum says that she owns semi-automatic weapons for getting rid of pests. On one night she was able to kill 45 possums that were on her property. 

"If you aren't shooting the pests, what's the alternative - 1080?"

However, she is also "100 per cent" behind making the legislation tougher.

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