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PM defends taking two months to make CGT decision

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 5:22PM

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has defended waiting two months before announcing a decision on the Capital Gains Tax. 

It has been nearly four weeks since the Tax Working Group report was released, in which it advocated for the introduction of a Capital Gains Tax. 

However, the Labour-led Government is waiting until the end of April before making their thoughts public. 

Responding to queries from The Country's Jamie Mackay, Ardern says that this is not an unusual process. 

"The last government, when they sought advice and eventually put in place the bright line test, they waited four months." 

She says that possibly the only difference between the two delays is that there was not the same level of scaremongering then as there is now.

Ardern says that they are examining the ideas that have been put forward and will not be rushing to make a decision. 

"There has been some debate, and I would expect that. What we would call for is for particularly the Opposition to make sure that they engage with the facts of the report."

She says that the alternative is that they could have released what they would be doing on the day the report was released.

"Instead we've chosen to listen to people and of course to convene with one another." 

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