Leighton Smith: The media have overblown Hurricane Florence

Leighton Smith,
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Friday, 14 September 2018, 12:05PM
Hurricane Florence churns over the Atlantic Ocean heading for the U.S. east coast as seen from the International Space Station. Photo / AP

Hurricane Florence is, of course, getting all of the world news coverage.

Florence is interesting to me. Here is why.

Over a period of time now we have watched and listened and heard how devastating this is going to be, the biggest ever.

In the media, this has grown more than it actually has, its reputation has exceeded its actual size.

It has gone from being a level four, or a high level three and there is even to talk about when it lands it may be category one. How did that happen?

If you look at the science of it, the warmth of the ocean, if you take that all into account, this hurricane is behaving in a manner which is unscientific, at least as far as the science is concerned we have been fed. It is unscientific.

We know that a warm ocean is responsible for the hurricane itself and feeds it, and the warmer the ocean, the bigger the hurricane should be. But it is now behaving in an opposite manner. How is this so, and how could it be?

If we have any scientists listening who could explain this or have a theory I would be delighted because it has fallen out of sync with everything that is believed.

Which should tend to show us that these things are never settled.

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