Leighton Smith: Cycleways a disgrace and waste of time

Leighton Smith,
Publish Date
Tuesday, 13 November 2018, 3:03PM

On the cycle lanes, I saw an e-scooter. There was one of the new e-scooters on the cycle lanes.

And what is wrong with that you are asking? Nothing, but it is not built for scooters, it is built for bikes.

What I noticed is that is all that was on the cycleways. There were no bikes. It was a beautiful day but there was no one out cycling. 

There you have this cycleway which has been installed at a magnificent cost, by the inadequate thinkers of Auckland Transport. The same ones who used exaggerated figures to get the cycleways in the first place.

Were they lies? I will happily call them lies, they were falsehoods and fake figures. We know that now, but I knew that all along.

When they started building that cycleway, it was nonsense, and it is still nonsense. You hardly see anybody on it, they took away all of the parking and they took away a lane. It was all done on fake figures.

Who do you think should pay for that with their job? Probably someone in the top five or ten in the hierarchy. Will we see this happen? Of course not.

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