Leighton Smith: Plastic bag ban is taking away our freedom

Leighton Smith,
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Thursday, 16 August 2018, 9:57AM
"It is a much more important story in the scheme of things than a single plastic bag deserves to have." Photo \ NZ Herald

The reason I am talking about plastic bags, again this morning, is because it is a very important matter and to me, it keeps growing in importance.

It's about how we live our lives, our freedoms, about being told what to do, and where does it stop?

It is a much more important story in the scheme of things than a single plastic bag deserves to have.

It has to do with being told how to live our lives. It has to do with an approach to things that not all of us agree with, and it is p***ing people off because there is far too much interference.

Now there is another aspect to it, and I hit on this a long time ago and regular listeners would know it. It's something that gets dropped but a plastic bag manufacturer has touched on it.

And I thought good for you. He's protecting his own business or trying to, he's trying to protect his own staff, who will lose their jobs if he goes out of business because this evergreen Government has made this ruling.

Now, plenty of you are disagreeing and booing at the moment, you've seen lots of pictures of oceans and animals and fish and this that and the other. Why does it happen? It's always blown up. It's always exaggerated but nevertheless, pictures do something.

Think of the polar bear on the ice cap. Fake news! Fake story!

The fact is, that it is exaggerated because people do that sort of thing when they have a goal in mind and something they want to achieve. And when they know there's a bunch of suckers out there who will say: 'this is so bad, we've got to stop it'.

Here's what the plastic bag manufacturer had to say: 'people are blaming plastic bags for wrecking the environment instead of taking responsibility because of their own reckless behaviour'.

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