Leighton Smith: PC BS the real problem for our police force

Leighton Smith ,
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Tuesday, 21 August 2018, 10:01AM
The Government plans to hire more police officers, but only needs to because so many are feeling forced out by PC madness. (Photo / File)

We’re told that we’re going to have 1800 new cops. All districts across the country will be getting substantial numbers of increase.

Really? Why the optimism of being able to find these appropriate people?

Are we not we short of people for all sorts of work, all sorts of jobs?

Apparently, it will be nurses and teachers that are the problem, there won’t be any real issue for cops.

Why is that? I don’t believe it.

There is a condition here that I’ve got.

There has been for a long time an issue with getting the right people for the police force.

There’s an issue with retaining people those who are good, advanced, solid cops, it’s been that way for a long time. With cops getting out because of red tape, too much paperwork, they don’t like the way the system has gone because it has become involved in things like diversity.

When you are talking about law and order; when you are talking about protecting people; when you are talking about catching criminals, what the hell has diversity got to do with it?

It might be fine to have a little squad to have a few people to deal with some delicate areas or whatever, but diversity across the force is bulls**t. What you need is someone who is six foot four, male or female, who accepts respect from people from the minute they walk into the room, because they are too big to tangle with.

What you want are good people who can get respect and do the job in half the time.

If you don’t have respect for the cops, or the cops can’t get respect, it will take them twice as long to do something.

I was involved in a traffic accident where I was rear-ended, and the young kid responsible refused to talk to the female cop. She said to me ‘he won’t talk to me’.

Put him in front of a six foot two, three, four sized guy, and that kid would have spilt his life story. It’s simply the way that it is, it’s human nature.

It is simply becoming so politically correct in this country that public servants who want to do a good job are being prevented from joining the force because of PC matters, and when they get in, they are still subject to PC matters.


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