Leighton Smith: $10k payout to murderer shows liberalism is a mental disorder

Leighton Smith,
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Wednesday, 12 September 2018, 10:13AM
John Vogel has been awarded $10,000 after being unlawfully held in solitary confinement. Photo / 123RF

A convicted murderer has received a government payout after he was held too long in solitary confinement at an Auckland prison.

You and I are paying this murderer, this drug addict, $10,000 because the UN says you can only hold him in solitary for 15 days.

The Judge, using his nous obliged the prisoner's request to be held for 21 days to help him kick his drug habit.

The government is still considering an outstanding question of remedies including compensation, after the human rights committee, in April this year, found two preventive detainees had been detained forĀ over a decade each. That is irrelevant to the story, it is just an attachment.

Now I ask you, which part of me is inhuman when I say this is just madness and a prime example of a liberal approach to things, and an example of liberalismĀ being a mental disorder?

It is just nuts, a convicted murderer given life because we don't do the death penalty anymore because it is inhumane, so we give them a life sentence and then they get out in 10 years.

None of this makes any rational sense, none of it.

Our dealings with the UN should cease forthwith. $10,000 to this jerk.

Marcus Lush Nights

Marcus Lush Nights

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