Leighton Smith: Men also had to struggle for voting rights

Leighton Smith,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 2:49PM
Inch by inch, step by step, we got there. (Photo / Getty)

You have heard lots of things about women going places.

But you go back to when women got the vote, we were the first in the world which I think is a major milestone.

But men struggled to get the vote for a long time as well, for thousands of years. The world didn't work in that way. Different classes of men got to vote at different times, they had to fight for it, and they had to wait for it.

Inch by inch, step by step, we got there.

What bothers me more than anything else now is that we have all got the right to vote, but how many votes are wasted? How many don't bother to pay attention to what politics is all about?

How many don't bother to pay attention to what philosophy of life is all about in its various forms? There are wasted votes.

What bothers me is the criminality in my mind of the bribery and corruption that goes on in election time. 2005 was a prime example, I keep referring to it because it is the best example in recent times

Every election year there are promises made that attract voters and win seats.

It might be 125 years, but I agree with those who say there is a long way to go. There is a lot to retrieve because we have surrendered it, in a manner which shows we have discarded what we already had. I find that incredibly disappointing.

While we celebrate 125 years, let's look at what we have lost along the way because we didn't value it enough.

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