Leighton Smith: Kids do not belong in the workplace

Leighton Smith,
Publish Date
Monday, 24 September 2018, 10:36AM
What we are getting to is a compulsion state.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was the annual speaker at the keynote summit recently. What on earth even is that?

She told her audience there needs to be a culture change in the workplace, there needs to be an acceptance that mothers and children are part of the workplace and if that doesn’t happen nothing will change.

If that is a correct summary, then I want to bang my head against something sharp.

So mothers and children are part of our workplaces. The only way that could happen if we went back to an agrarian scenario when mothers were out in the fields and the children were running around on the side.

Workplaces are workplaces, there is a division of labour.

Kids do not belong in the workplace. That is what work is for. Does that mean they can't do it? No, it doesn’t. It means if you are an employer and you decide you want to do it, you should be free to do it.

But what we are getting to is a compulsion state, and that is what we are working up to.

It may not be a piece of legislation that is ever passed but in the end, the pressure will be brought on by the progressive social justice warriors who happen to be CEOs. They will move in that direction because they want to be seen to be doing the right thing, and they will pay the penalty for it.

Imagine this, instead of going to pick up the kids from school, they roll into your workplace.

“Hello mummy, I’m here.”

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