Leighton Smith: It's time to start grading teachers again

Leighton Smith,
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Tuesday, 14 August 2018, 9:54a.m.
If you can grade kids why can't you grad teachers? give me an answer to that. Photo \ Getty Images

Teachers come in various shapes and sizes.

The argument goes that you can't grade teachers because, well, it's too difficult, that's the argument, it's too difficult.

Can teachers grade kids? Of course they can and they do it all the time.

If you can grade kids why can't you grade teachers? Give me an answer to that. If you can grade kids, you can grade teachers. It's just a union cop-out that you can't.

Is it easy? Well it's not that difficult, is my answer. It's not. They used to do it, is there any reason why they can't now?

Now here's how you approach it, you have a principal who warrants the position, there's plenty of them around, some don't but you have a principal who warrants the position.

They warrant the position because they were a good teacher, they are a natural leader and they have the right attitude to the policies that we would prefer.

And I know what policies we prefer.

The policies we would prefer, and I can speak for all of us, is that we want kids turned out of school intelligently with a great education and a great attitude to life and confidence and the ability to achieve.

Is that so difficult?


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