Would you pay nearly $3k for a folding smart phone?

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Thursday, 21 February 2019, 9:35a.m.
Samsung's foldable phone takes the form of both a smartphone and a tablet. (Image/YouTube)

Samsung is today previewing its first foldable phone in Auckland.

Dubbed the Galaxy Fold, the highly anticipated product at first appears like a standard mobile phone but then opens into a much larger screen.

Samsung first teased the phone in November last year, but this marks the global launch of the product.

However, it won't come cheap.

Local prices are yet to be announced, but it will be retailing in the US for US$1980 (NZ$2882) from April 26.

This adds yet another $2000+ phone to range of expensive mobile options currently on the market.

With consumers now holding onto their devices for far longer than previously, the tech giants are increasingly looking to lure customers with premium products.

Samsung is hoping the Galaxy Fold will spur more people to upgrade their phones and reverse a recent slump that saw its global smartphone sales fall last year.

When closed the phone has a 4.6 inch screen, which can easily fit into the pocket. The main display, revealed when the phone is opened, is a full 7.3 inches.

According to tech publication The Verge, Samsung has built a sturdy backbone into the device, with a hinge system that has multiple interlocking gears that ensure a smooth opening and closing mechanism.

The phone will be released in four different colours.

One of the major perks of the phone is that it will greater multi-tasking enabling users to run three apps simultaneously.

Samsung also previewed the S10, which will cost up to $2599 in its Plus model - making it the most expensive phone the Korean company has ever sold in NZ - if still shy of Apple's $2799 iPhone X.

The S10 features include 1 terabyte of onboard storage and a ceramic back that can double as a wireless power charger for a Samsung watch via the new PowerShare feature.


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