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Political Report: Lavicious Len

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| Wednesday, October 16, 2013 6:00 AM

Political Report: Lavicious Len
So God's Own has its own Monica Lewinsky. There are similarities between Bedroom Bill Clinton's Oval Office activities and those of Lascivious Len Brown, apparently in his Auckland super mayoral offices.

The difference between Bedroom Bill and Lascivious Len is that one fessed up and the other didn't.

Clinton even went on telly, protesting "I did not have sex with that woman!"

In the end that came down to a definition of sex.

At least Brown admitted to having a relationship with a woman that lasted for about two years.

Power has always been something of an aphrodisiac for the young and impressionable. To us it defies imagination why some couplings are made, but made they have been over the years, way back to Rob Muldoon's days.

Piggy Muldoon as he was known was always rumoured to be having a fling on the side and one featured in what they called Double Standard posters, that resembled newspaper billboards that used to mysteriously be pasted up all over the capital. It related to an alleged fling he was having in the inner city suburb of Ngaio and it read: "Rooting Pig Shot in Ngaio, PM Safe."

Then there was Big Dave Lange leaving his wife after falling in love with the Pope, Margaret Pope who was his speech writer.

And of course the finger was forever being pointed at the Dapper Doctor Don Brash when he was the top Tory.

In recent years our Prime Ministers have been straight down the line though.

Country Jim Bolger never looked sideways at the fairer sex, Head Girl Helen Clark's aphrodisiac was power and State Homie John Key's long term romance with wife Bronagh was so intense that, as a University student in 1981, he couldn't even remember what position he took on the Springbok tour.

The affidavit sworn by the woman at the centre of the Lascivious Len liaison reads a bit like Fifty Shades of Grey, seedy, salacious and far from salubrious with some of the activity in the Ngati Whatua room in the Town Hall, where they were apparently sprung by a security guard, and in the Super Mayor's office.

So why did she kiss and tell? Well she tells us she sent him 20 to 30 texts a few months back and they weren't replied to.

He'd obviously decided the dalliance was done, he'd had his fun. It's a pity for him that he didn't tell her that!

Photo: Getty Images

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