Mike Hosking Breakfast with BNZ

6AM - 8:30AM weekdays

Mike Hosking Breakfast

For all the top interviews, the Mike Hosking Breakfast with BNZ brings you the stories that set the day's news agenda. 
Mike asks newsmakers the hard questions, hears from top correspondents around the world and looks at what's making the business world tick. As well as the day's biggest stories the programme includes a weekly check-in with the Prime Minister, the inside word on politics, and some in-depth sporting analysis.
Start your day with the country's top broadcaster on the Mike Hosking Breakfast with BNZ - weekdays from 6am to 8:30am. 


Mike Hosking

A consummate broadcaster, Mike brings to the breakfast show years of experience as a radio broadcaster in Wellington and Christchurch. Personality interviews with the day's news makers and comments on the issues of the day. Mike's insightfulness and knowledge of world and NZ events makes him the most entertaining and informative breakfast host in the country.


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