Leighton Smith Podcast: Baby boomers versus millennials

Leighton Smith ,
The Leighton Smith Podcast,
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Wednesday, 1 May 2019, 9:07AM
Leighton addressed the age old question: who is better baby boomers or millennials? Photo / Getty Images.

In this week's podcast, baby boomers go head-to-head with millennials and then Leighton discusses the upcoming Australian Federal election on May 18.

The first Prime Ministerial debate has been held and the campaign is off and running. Please don’t let it be boring.

Nick Cater is a journalist and columnist who we utilised extensively for the 2013 election coverage. He is now Executive Director of the Menzies Research Centre.

Nick joins Leighton to discuss the election issues and the big players.

The commentary also continues on Western culture and civilisation, millennials versus retirees and why Australian actor and comedian Barry Humphries is a subject of PC attack.

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