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Leighton Smith Podcast Episode 10 - 3 April 2019

Leighton Smith,
The Leighton Smith Podcast,
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Wednesday, 3 April 2019, 10:29AM

Podcast 10 is wide-ranging. 

The matter of freedom of speech is occupying much attention by numerous commentators. It is also commanding conversations around the table, and with good reason. New Zealanders have grown accustomed to having their say, even with the knowledge that it may find disagreement. 

Right now that accepted freedom is under threat and as the weeks tick over, it will become an even more urgent conversation.

Brexit is also on the agenda and it deserves to be. It’s got so boring! But then it springs to life again. 

And then from the ‘science is settled file’, a couple of interesting developments.

This week's interviewee has a most interesting career. From Ukraine to Rome, the Middle East and Singapore-based Asia correspondent, as bureau chief in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and as Dubai-based columnist of the greater Middle East. He is Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, Yaroslav Trofimov. Under discussion is the Culture War dividing Europe; Islam, and Brexit.

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