PHOTOS: No Pride in Prison Protest

Around one hundred people gathered at Auckland's Aotea Square today to protest the alleged assault of a transgender woman in an Auckland prison.

Activist group No Pride in Prisons is calling on Corrections to release a public statement on the issue.

One protestor called for a change to policy around the initial placement of transgender people in prisons.

"It sickens me to think of the potential women in Men's Prisons we aren't hearing about because their families don't know what's going on, because Corrections are irresponsible and don't collect data on prisoner assaults on trans prisoners, or in any way display concern for prisoner safety."

Event Organiser Emilie Rakete said she's over contacting Corrections, who don't return her calls.

"It's well past the time when they can continue to claim they are sensitive to our needs in incarceration, when clearly they are not and women are being raped for it."

"We've had enough."


(Photos: Alex Braae)