Airpoints Gold, Elite Partner and Koru members can bring one guest when travelling on Air New Zealand flights.

Last but certainly not least, children under the age of 12 travelling with an Airpoints Elite or Gold member, or Koru member, have complimentary access. This is supposed to be subject to space being available, but appears to be rarely enforced in practise, which perhaps explains why the lounge can sometimes resemble a kids' club more than an exclusive lounge.

If you removed all the guests and children — the "hangers-on" as I affectionately refer to them — I suspect the lounge would suddenly feel a lot more spacious, comfortable, and relaxing. More of a haven, so to speak.

Unfortunately, as a 20-something who can barely afford to brunch twice a week, I am only ever in the Koru Lounge as a guest, so I am one of the very "hangers-on" I'm suggesting should probably be removed.

But if I get annoyed when the Koru Lounge is more crowded than the gate area outside, imagine how a business traveller who needs to get some work done or a Koru club member who has paid a lot of money to relax away from the masses must feel?

Are the crowds (and the behaviour) getting to the point where once-loyal Koru members are rethinking annual memberships, or considering newer options, such as the pay-as-you-go Strata Lounge, where there is no complimentary access for children?

At the 2017 Air New Zealand annual meeting, Luxon told the company's shareholders he thought the airline would probably need two or three lounges at Auckland Airport's international terminal. One for the premium and business travellers, one for their guests, and one for their children I wonder?