Whostalk ZB - A magical Christmas special

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Monday, 24 December 2018, 3:06PM

In this fantasy world of Dr Seuss rhyme, it’s the night before Christmas. Mike Hosking is relaxing at home after all the pre-Christmas chaos. When he lies down for a nap before dinner, Mike finds himself in a fantastical dream world. As he interviews of all the newsmakers of Who Zealand, a bright light in the sky out on the East Coast shakes up everyone's Christmas day.

This Christmas morning from 9, it’s Whostalk ZB: Christmas radio like you’ve never heard before. A creative retelling of the Christmas story, entirely in Dr Seuss rhyme, featuring Mike Hosking, Leighton Smith, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Stan Walker, Wendy Petrie, Robyn Malcolm, Sir Peter Leitch and an array of Newstalk ZB personalities.


Mike Hosking                           Michael van Whosking van Hosking McMike

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern    Jacindy Lou-Who

Leighton Smith                        Dr Professor Henry B Gasper (aka Wise Man)

Heather du Plessis-Allan           Miss Sally O’Digit

Barry Soper                             Murray McMotel McInn Head of the Hoteliers Union

Stan Walker                            Joseph

Robyn Malcolm                        The Lorax

Sir Peter Leitch                        Mad I Am

Wendy Petrie                           News Reader

Steve Merczynski                     Steve Merczynski

Martin Devlin                           Cricket playing caller - Stew

Kate Hawkesby                        Irate caller – Katina

Glenn Hart                              Glenn ZB

Colin Cassidy                           Donald Trump

Joe Gilfillan                              Weather

Tim Roxborogh                         Traffic

Pio Terei                                  Trevor the sheep farmer

Jax van Buuren                        Motel answerphone

Larry Williams +

Andrew Dickens +

Heather DPA                            Whostalk ZB station promo

Narrator                                  Daryl Habraken

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