Mike Williams, Don Brash on Jim Anderton

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Monday, 8 January 2018, 7:48AM

Jim Anderton's being remembered for many things, including his determination.

The former Deputy Prime Minister died at the weekend, just two weeks short of his 80th birthday.

Former Labour Party president Mike Williams says when the party started corporate fundraising in the 80s, Jim Anderton was very clear on what he wanted.

"Jim opened up the envelope, looked at the cheque and gave it back to him," says Williams.

"It was not enough, and when we eventually got a donation from that person, it had increased by a factor of ten."

On the other side of the political fence, former National Party leader Dr Don Brash says he never personally disliked Jim Anderton.

"I can't claim to know him as well as Mike Williams did, but Jim was a conviction politician," says Dr Brash. 

"I disagreed of course with many of his views, but respected the fact that he did hold them very strongly, and was willing to leave the Labour Party to reflect them."

Former Reserve Bank Governor Don Brash also says that while he opposed the formation of KiwiBank, one of Anderton's enduring legacies, he must admit it has been commercially successful. 

LISTEN ABOVE: Mike Williams and Dr Don Brash speak to Tim Dower 



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