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Jason Pine: What is the future of New Zealand's cricket?

Jason Pine,
Publish Date
Sat, 22 Jun 2024, 4:39pm
Photo / Getty
Photo / Getty

Jason Pine: What is the future of New Zealand's cricket?

Jason Pine,
Publish Date
Sat, 22 Jun 2024, 4:39pm

You've heard from Greg Barclay. 

He was unequivocal, wasn't he, that what Kane Williamson is doing is simply part of what he called the evolution of the game. A fact of life. 

Greg Barclay wants member associations to embrace the T20 leagues and work more closely with them. 

The sport's governing body has clearly worked out there's no point fighting against T20 leagues, they're here and here to stay, and growing. 

The IPL, The Big Bash, The Caribbean Premier League, The SA 20, Major League Cricket, and the UAE competition. 

What I heard there from Greg Barclay was that ICC members need to adjust their thinking, fit in with these comps, not fight against them. 

Because resistance is futile. There's too much money on offer now for players. 

If national associations try to restrict their players from taking part and earning what they can in these comps, they'll just leave. 

Playing international cricket won't be enough to keep them all, just as the black jersey can't keep all our best rugby players here. 

Wearing the Black Cap is only attractive to a point. 

NZC have to be creative and flexible in their contracting, which I think they have been here with Kane. 

The fact is, he'll miss very little international cricket next Summer. 

One thing that does worry me a bit is our own domestic league, the Super Smash. 

Kane Williamson has effectively chosen the South African T20 comp over his home country's comp, presumably for money partially, but also for the opportunities there and something different for his family to experience. 

I don't feel as though South African cricketers —or players from other countries, certainly not players the calibre of Kane Williamson— are queuing up to play in our Super Smash. 

Anyone who's un-contracted can now, in January, play in South Africa, in the Aussie Big Bash, or here in New Zealand, and it doesn't feel as though many are choosing us. 

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