The Panel: Is National's new ad sexist or clever marketing?

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Saturday, 16 February 2019, 4:11p.m.
The ad has faced criticism from Government ministers. (Photo / Supplied)

National has come under fire for their new attack ad, which has been accused of sexism and 'man-splaining' by Government ministers.

But is the fact we're talking about a sign that it's just good marketing?

TVNZ host Hayley Holt and broadcaster and comedian Dean Butler joined the Weekend Collective to discuss this a variety of other topics.

The ad is targeting KiwiBuild, no one has entered a ballot for one development at Te Kauwhata. What should the Government do differently to make the scheme more appealing? 

And now Donald Trump has now declare a national emergency to get his border wall built. Tim Beveridge thinks it is an impeachable offence - should the President get dropped? 

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