The science behind the clean food industry

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Sunday, 30 June 2019, 1:48PM
Hell's Pizza caused controversy with their meat-free Burger Pizza. (Photo / File)

The 'clean-food' industry is booming, but what exactly is it?

The rise of meat-like foods made from plant materials and lab-originated meat have made headlines around the world as they continue to make their way into fast food outlets and supermarkets.

The new food turned controversial this week after Hell Pizza  did not disclose to its customers that the burgers on the topping of their new 'Burger Pizza' were plant-based Beyond Meat patties.

Hell says it had sold 3000 of the pizzas since last Friday and only one customer had guessed that the 'medium-rare burger' patties were plant-based.

In an online survey, 70 per cent of those who tried the covert pizza said it tasted just like meat and 80 per cent were unfazed about unknowingly eating a meat-free option.

Dr Rosie Bosworth, who is an expert in sustainable technology development, joined Francesca Rudkin to discuss the science behind clean food and clean meat and how it is developing in New Zealand. 

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