Study reveals breakthrough in male contraceptive pill

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Sunday, 7 April 2019, 11:56AM
The study involved 40 participants. (Photo / Getty)
The study involved 40 participants. (Photo / Getty)

There is renewed hope that a male contraceptive pill could one day come to fruition. 

A drug trial of 40 participants has found that taking a pill once a day reduces the production of sperm and testosterone with no significant side-effects. 

It comes after years of research to find an alternative to condoms and vasectomies. While a female contraceptive pill has been available for around 70 years, a male alternative has never been found. 

Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson told Francesca Rudkin that it is actually very difficult to create such a pill, but this study has found a new to analyse that pill that could lead to a break through. 

However, despite the recent breakthrough, a pill is unlikely to be readily available for another 10 years. 

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