Emily Writes on how her family's story became a hit play

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Sunday, 21 April 2019, 11:23AM
Rants in the Dark is based on Emily Writes bestselling book. (Photo / Supplied)

Anyone who’s sat in the dark with a small child willing them to go to sleep – and that’s most likely everyone who’s had small children – will relate to the writing of wellington mum, Emily Writes.

She had a day job until her post “I am grateful, now f*** off” went viral, and now she’s a fulltime writer, editor, public speaker, and author of two books.

One of her parenting books, Rants in the Dark, has been turned into a play which has played in wellington and is opening in Auckland soon.

Emily joined Francesca Rudkin to discuss the feeling of having her family's story re-produced on stage and having actresses portraying her family. 

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