New book tells the story of Rewi Alley

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Sunday, 4 August 2019, 11:29AM
Rewi Alley's story has been immortalised in a new book. (Photo / File)

Rewi Alley – the great New Zealander that no New Zealanders know about.

Deeply respected in China, Alley left his birth home of New Zealand in 1927 and moved to Shanghai to have a look at the Chinese Revolution.

He became a member of the Communist Party of China and dedicated 60 years of his life to the country and the cause

In the 1980s, Alley was honoured in both New Zealand and China for his work

In 2017, his cousin, author Elspeth Sandys, along with other family members, travelled to China to mark the 90th anniversary of Rewi’s arrival in Shanghai.

From that trip, Sandys has written a new book. She joined Andrew Dickens to discuss A Communist in the Family: Searching for Rewi Alley.


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