Comedian Nick Offerman bringing his All Rise show to New Zealand

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Sunday, 10 February 2019, 10:50AM
Nick Offerman is heading back to New Zealand in June. (Photo / Getty)

US actor and comedian Nick Offerman is returning to New Zealand for the first time since 2016 for his new live show, All Rise.

The Parks and Recreation star will bring All Rise to Auckland's Town Hall on Saturday, June 22 and Christchurch's Isaac Theatre Royal on Tuesday, June 25.

All Rise is described as an evening of "deliberative talking and light dance," written and performed by Offerman.

"My aim in this undertaking is to encourage my fellow Homo Sapiens to aim higher in life than the channels of consumerism would have us imagine," says Offerman of the show.

"It's a proper revival suggesting the existence of a higher power in the land than commerce, one that will cause you to pop, lock and rejoice! Come on down and hear the good news that will make you go jingle-jangle in your juice box"

Offerman told Francesca Rudkin that he only started writing songs to perform for an audience six years ago, and he is getting 

He says that the show was inspired by his annoyance with the current state of life.

"I'm taking a step back to look at all of us human beings and how hilariously we are messing things up. 

"I think it's hilarious some of the stupid things we're doing."

Offerman says that the point of the show is to encourage people to do better. 

As for the "light dance", he says that that won't disappoint anyone. 

"Once you see me dance, you'll understand that is truly my calling."



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