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We Need to Talk: Why I want to give Guppy a big ol' kiss

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Thursday, 14 February 2019, 5:47PM

What a weird game of one-day cricket that was in Napier last night.

Everything about it seemed in slow motion. A sleepy snoozy sort of game that was as good as over within the first 10.

Batting first Bangladesh struggled along losing their first five wickets for just 71 runs, from that paltry start the match meandering to the finish line void of any real thrills and lacking the kind of competitive aspect that might've made it memorable - apart from one man's performance.

In the end it was all about Martin Guptill. His 15th one-day century another masterclass from a man who, I believe, is the key to our upcoming world cup fortunes.

Guppy, historically, has played some of his best cricket in England. Conditions seem to suit the man and once again we will be relying heavily on his ability to dominate the opposition bowling.

As for Napier though, did anyone in the city even know there was a game on? Or had they spent all their money the week before at Phil Collins?

To call it a crowd would be laughable. I suspect there were more people watching the last Super Smash match at McLean Park than paid to attend yesterday's snorefest, the game petering out like the many attempted Mexican waves. 

Although to be fair, perhaps a bit hard to get one going when there's only you and three mates in the ground I guess.

Yesterday was just more evidence that this particular format is in real trouble. The one-day WC aside, where the lure of winning a world championship title brings its own guarantee of renewed global interest, 50-over cricket is struggling to convince the young generations that it's worth spending a whole day of your life to watch.

With our young folk now slaves to their electronic device-masters and unable to focus for more than an ad-break at a time, a whole day in the sun is both too hot and too long. And when it so quickly becomes a no-contest, no wonder then there is such diminishing interest.

However, none of this should take anything away from the two real stars from Napier last night, Mr & Mrs Martin Guptill and Laura McGoldrick.

How these two conduct a post-match interview like they've hardly ever met is a remarkable exercise in professionalism and self-control. I mean, it's not like the whole country doesn't know within hours of that chat they'll be putting their baby girl to bed before heading there themselves!

Next time he gets a century, Laura, you've gotta give him at least a peck on the cheek. Because if you don't there's a fair few of us cricket numpty's who'd be more than happy to on your behalf.

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