We Need To Talk: Martin Devlin - Why is music played during Football?

Martin Devlin,
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Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 12:12PM

There is sporting idiocy, there is sporting stupidity, there is incompetence evident in the administration of almost every sport we love and cherish.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that FFA, Football Federation Australia, would suggest such a hare-brained idea as to start playing music during this year’s A-League matches.

“It’s all about the entertainment,” they tell us.

“The spectators want to hear song snippets,” they say.

Do they? Since when? Show me some research, any research, that says football fans anywhere in the world want their sport interrupted by the same inane clever-dick song choosing of some local DJ.

Good Lord. How do I make myself clear here? Football needs music like it needs scrums and lineouts.

Remember the 2010 WC in South Africa and that hideous vuvuzela?  

The instrument was subsequently banned by leagues the world over after its monotonous drone was allowed to wreck the normal crowd atmosphere of every match at that tournament.

Memo to FFA:

Football is the one sport that provides its own symphony. The crowd is the concert.

And you think playing some be-bop-hip-hop-hard-punk-old-junk-jazz-funk at corners and goal kicks is somehow going to enhance the experience?

This is nothing other than a perfect example of some marketing moron with no ideas and even fewer clues unable to complete the creative brief, so they suggest something tired and clichéd in a sad attempt to convince the client their extortionate invoice is still worth paying.

Ditch it, reject it, tell them in no uncertain terms how stupid this idea is and how unpopular it would be from the moment the 1st beat of the 1st song would start.

The fact that they’re continuing to try and improve the spectator experience is commendable, but this is just not the way to do it AND they should be intuitive enough about their sport to already know that.

Music at the football?

This is the dumbest idea the sport has heard since some bloke in New Zealand once said “Look I know an Austrian guy who’d be perfect for the job…”

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