Martin Devlin: Tennis needs to rid itself of Nick Kyrgios

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Friday, 16 August 2019, 1:23PM

Nick Kyrgios is a dick and tennis needs to rid itself of him ASAP.

If this latest outburst isn't enough for those who run the sport to realise he's nothing but a hazard then they too need to be given the same short shift he deserves.

Question: Does the sport need this guy? The answer so obvious it doesn't need to be said. He is a gimmick, a sideshow, an embarrassment to himself, his family, the sport and everyone interested in it. Problem is though, the game (i.e. the sycophantic social-media-crazed marketing gimps in charge) love him. Why? Because he is constant clickbait.

Every tantrum, every tanked match, every abusive utterance earns global headlines - and the afore-mentioned administrative idiots are totally blinded by it.

You know the old cliche, all publicity is good publicity? Well Nick Krygios is the absolute antithesis of that argument. If he never appeared at another tennis event would you care?

Maybe the better question is why would you care? He's done nothing, won nothing. In fact I'd go as far to say he's a sporting coward. One of those outrageously talented individuals, born with world-beating gifts very few possess, but completely void of the character, desire or determination needed to make the most of what he has.

Why? It's called fear of failure. To be the best you have to commit. You have to give everything of yourself and be prepared to accept that even that might not be good enough. Krygios lacks the courage to want to win. 

So it's much easier for him to play the clown, be the spoiled brat, let these tiresome sideshow antics be the reason, the only reason, why his name's even mentioned. And hey that's his choice. That's what he wants. That's what he's chosen to be on the court, that's also what he wants to leave as his legacy. 

Thing is the sport is poorer for continuing to tolerate his boring behaviour. And that's all it is. Boring and boorish. Fining him is no punishment. The guy is  worth millions. He'll just pay the money and carry on without remorse. So I blame the sport as much as the player. There is no good reason not to ban  this guy, none whatsoever.

The US Open begins Tuesday week. The ATP are obliged to take a stand. When someone, anyone, spits at an umpire it should mean only one thing - a ban. The fact they won't even consider it says only further confirms the sports governing body deserves the same serve he does.

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