Martin Devlin: NRL 'proposal' the latest nonsensical blunder

Newstalk ZB,
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Wednesday, 6 March 2019, 1:49PM

Just when you thought sport administrations could not get any more nonsensical than World Rugby, any more incompetent than Cycling NZ, along comes the NRL to reassure us that the lunatics have well and truly taken over every sports asylym.

This proposed, (translated: we are going ahead with it, we fed this out early to let all the complaints and opposition subside before the official announcement) 10 team finals format is just the latest dumbing down idea to be foisted upon a sports legion of loyal fans.

And once again there's no consultation, never even the courtesy of considering what the supporters want, just extend the playoffs so more money can be made from more finals games played.

And there's no-one reading this who believes it's about anything else right?

I for one am 100% behind this plan, only I want it to go even bigger!

Make it a Top 16.

Make it so EVERYONE makes the finals.

Make it so everyone wins and then they can make it so no-one actually wins.


Then make it so the Super Rugby winner plays the NRL winner, (giving a sizeable chunk of the profits to hard-working "charities" like the Cricket Players Association of course), and call it the World Rugby League.


You know the saddest thing about this is that those same knobheads behind the 10-teams finals format will see this and think "heh that's not a bad idea at all, think of the extra $$ we could make".

The worst thing being that you & I both know they're not joking even though I was.

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