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Martin Devlin: Mobile devices are destroying sport

Newstalk ZB,
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Friday, 29 March 2019, 10:36AM

Hip hip hooray!

At last someone with common sense in sport, with the glorious and globally celebrated decision by Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury to ban cellphones during team meetings.

"It's blatant oppression", yelled the DPG.

"Someone Snapchat a Facebook page" texted another to his team-mate's Instagram.

Why is the coach doing this you may well ask, surely it's nothing but blatant workplace bullying?

No, it is not.

He's doing it because he, like several others across US sport, has recognised how the mobile device is destroying the sanctity, unity and privacy of his team's locker-room.

As ridiculous as it sounds to anyone of sane mind, it seems the communication device is fast becoming more important than the communication between those holding their device.

The zenith of such idiocy was evident in a recent players distress not that he missed his team's post-match celebrations, but his cellphone failed and he missed recording it.

Now I, happily being a GOM, will continue to swim against the tide of technology, will forever rage against the machine of mobile-ness.

And I know nothing I'll ever say or do will dissuade the young generation from anything they want to say or do, nor do I care or care whether they think I'm just an old grinch who should go and get stuffed!

But one day, whenever maybe one young dickpicker might stop and say something like us old grunters frequently do, which is, "I wish I'd taken more pics of the kids".

In fact, what that actually means is I wish I'd enjoyed it all that little bit more.

Did I squeeze every skeric of enjoyment from that moment?

Because ultimately what's more important - how much you really did like it, or the number of likes you got for posting it?

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