Martin Devlin: Liverpool, get over yourselves!

Martin Devlin,
Publish Date
Wed, 15 May 2019, 11:53AM

Martin Devlin: Liverpool, get over yourselves!

Martin Devlin,
Publish Date
Wed, 15 May 2019, 11:53AM


Hey Liverpool...get over yourselves!

You came 2nd. Read it out loud 'til it finally sinks in.

SECOND. You finished second.

You are the best ever losers in the English Premier League.

All this worldwide whingeing and whining from the club's fan base just has to stop. Manchester City won the title because they were the better side over 38 games - it really is that simple.

The team with the most points wins and they earned more than you did.

Now this isn't some bitter twisted rant from a Man United fan angry at another season of underachievement from his own shower of shite.

I'm the first to acknowledge my mob's inadequacies.

This is merely an attempt to get you lot doing likewise.

"But we got 97 points" they bleat, "no other team has ever tallied that many and came second". True enough, no they haven't.

But so what? 97 wasn't enough. Nor would it have been enough to win the league the previous year either.

"But we only lost one game all season long" they whine on. True again.

That's why you thoroughly deserve the honour of being best ever runners-up.

Unfortunately, unlike the Olympics, it doesn't come with any silver reward – City took that home because they were crowned Champions. Only 3 teams have ever lead the Premier League at Xmas and failed to go on and win the championship.

Liverpool in 2009, Liverpool in 2014 and Liverpool in 2019.

But it's the self-entitlement that I find most offensive. "We deserved to win" cry the scousers. 

No you didn't. Several times during the campaign you had the chance to put this thing to bed and on each occasion the pressure of expectation became too much. Faltering draws against Leicester, West Ham, Everton and Man United proved ever so costly.

After losing away at Newcastle on Jan 29th, Man City were 7 points behind.

From that moment on they won a record 14 straight games to close out the season.

During that run they scored 32 goals and conceded just 4. In a word - ridiculous!

City also took 4 points off Liverpool in the 2 games they played, beating them in Manchester and drawing at Anfield only because Mahrez skied an 85th minute penalty.

I'm not making this up, these are legitimate facts.

Plus I never heard a skeric of empathy come our way when City pipped United to the 2012

title on goal difference. That's right, not by achieving more points, they won only because that year

they scored more goals.

So harden up Liverpool and accept the fact you lost to a better team.

Because right now you're sounding like the EPL equivalent of the 1995 All Blacks.

And no we weren't the best team at that tournament either.

If you check the record books the Springboks won the final 15-12.