Devlin: We Need to Talk - Warriors Jekyll and Hyde impossible to call

Martin Devlin,
Publish Date
Friday, 20 July 2018, 1:14p.m.

One week ago the Warriors were 10-6. They’d gone from 10-4 and Top 4 to 10-6 and 8th.

First time all year we’d had back to back defeats.

And staring at a schedule that saw the Broncos and Melbourne as the next two games, both teams above them in the table.

Add to that a back element boiling & bubbling away called the chasing pack, teams slowly and slyly closing the gap.

Nowt to panic about but information worthy of being aware of. This was a week ago.

A list of realities that could, that were making most feel a little glass half emptyish and understandably so.

And then what? Whaaaat? An absolute shellacking of Brisbane ON their patch?? 26-6 and a scoreline that truly flattered the Broncos.

So, which team is it this week then? That one so impressive a week ago, or the one just a week before that laid an absolute turd vs Penrith.

Who turns up Sunday at Mt Smart? Given the up & down all around reality of the last 12 weeks its nigh impossible to predict.

Lets just hope its Dr Jekyll’s Broncos & not Mr Hyde’s Penrith.

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