"You can't get into the rocket industry without spectacular failures"

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Tuesday, 3 September 2019, 5:16PM
Peter Beck (Photo/NZ Herald)

He never went to university – but now Rocket Lab visionary Peter Beck can call himself a professor.

The Invercargill-raised space industry pioneer, whose company staged its eighth successful launch from Mahia just two weeks ago, has been given the title of adjunct professor of aerospace engineering by the University of Auckland.

Beck was never a university student himself – he left school at 17 to take up an apprenticeship with Fisher & Paykel in Mosgiel.

By the time he'd finished there, he'd created a rocket bike, a rocket scooter and a jetpack that powered a pair of roller blades.

He told Simon and Phil as Rocket Lab continues to push new limits and create world leading technology, they have to protect that vigorously. 


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