Simon Bridges: What he really thinks about Winston Peters

Newstalk ZB,
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Thursday, 8 August 2019, 8:33PM
Simon Bridges revealed his original career goals. (Photo / NZ Herald)

If things had turned out differently, Simon Bridges would be the one behind the microphone. 

The National leader revealed to Simon Barnett and Phil Gifford that he originally wanted to be a talk back host, but he was rejected from a communications degree so went to law instead. 

"I don't have a voice or a face for TV or radio. But politics was definitely there as well. I wanted to do something public." 

Bridges says that he was very burnt out by his time in the law, where he served as a Crown Prosecutor, which was one reason why he went into politics. 

Now he has to face the likes of Winston Peters every day instead of criminals. The Deputy Prime Minister has clashed with Bridges multiple times, but the National leader says that he actually likes Peters.

"He's old naughty as I think the Chinese have called him. He's this cheeky old rogue that actually amuses me greatly." 


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