Nick Farr-Jones: 'You have to put pressure on the referees'

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019, 4:53PM
Australian rugby great Nick Farr-Jones (Photo/ Newstalk ZB)

An Australian rugby great says part of the job of rugby captain is to put pressure on the refs.

A former Irish international is the latest to pen a column attacking the All Blacks at this year's Rugby World Cup, calling the team a group of cheaters who are escaping send offs for free.

Former Ireland No.8 Neil Francis took aim at the All Blacks in the Irish Independent, claiming the All Blacks cheat with impunity and such breathtaking cynicism and referees let them do it.

Nick Farr-Jones told Simon and Phil says cheats is a strong word. 

He says if you want to be a good footy player, you have to put pressure on the refs about the decisions they make. 


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