Natalie Bridges: 'I actually came from a pretty hardcore Labour family'

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Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 4:33PM
The Bridges family. (Photo/NZ Herald)

Natalie Bridges, wife of National Party Leader Simon Bridges,  has admitted that she grew up in a different political environment.

She joined Simon Barnett and Phil Gifford for Better Halves, where the pair talk to partner of a well known New Zealander. 

Natalie has been married to Simon since 2005, with the pair meeting at Oxford University and marrying at the end of the their course., 

She says that she knew from the very beginning that her future husband had political aspirations, and that he was constantly following the news and discussing his perspectives.

However, their points of view were initially different. 

"I came from a Labour family, a very hardcore family, so we had some interesting discussions."

Natalie says that she accepts that his role means he faces scrutiny, and that it is "part of the privilege". 

"You go with the flow. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. When you're in that position, you have to take the hard knocks." 


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