Foreman Allan Lennie: There's still a way to go in the industry addressing bullying

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Tuesday, 9 July 2019, 4:36PM
Bullying on construction workplaces needs addressing

Auckland man Allan Lennie was the victim of vicious homophobia in his workplace but has turned the experience into a positive.

Scottish-born Auckland construction foreman Allan Lennie says the abuse began when one of his co-workers found out that he had a male partner, rather than a female one as they had earlier presumed.

He suffered a bullying campaign with a number of his colleagues flinging homophobic abuse at him on a daily basis until he took it to his employers Fletcher's Construction.

Lennie became chairman of Fletcher Building’s Pride group and continues to work towards ensuring his workplace is inclusive and free of homophobia.

He spoke to Simon and Phil about the continuing issues in the industry, and how men need to speak out more about bullying on worksites. 

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