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Mike's Minute: Vaccine rollout well and truly busted

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Fri, 20 Aug 2021, 10:14AM

Mike's Minute: Vaccine rollout well and truly busted

Mike Hosking,
Publish Date
Fri, 20 Aug 2021, 10:14AM

The revelation, or perhaps confession is the better word.

But the confession came yesterday at the one o'clock sermon from the Pulpit of Truth.

The reason the Police weren't jabbed properly was because they didn’t have the supply. At last, Ardern admits it. We asked that very question six hours earlier yesterday when talking to Ashley Bloomfield, but he wouldn't admit it.

The Police, of course, who have this week talked of taking legal action, have every right to be angry. The supermarket workers have every right to be angry. By weeks end, we all have every right to be angry because we have been shockingly let down.

You will also note from yesterday's pulpit lecture the urgency now to get a vaccine. What a surprise. In three days, we have gone from not needing to hurry because we have no Covid to get out, get in, and get jabbed.

Their plan, such as it ever was, is now officially a scandal, it’s a bust. As Scott Morrison and his smug lot across the Tasman had to admit and apologise for.

So too will this lot, who suffered the same smugness, who refused to listen, who refused to accept that it was a race, the borders don’t keep out the virus, and zero Covid is a joke.

It's a hopelessly idealistic joke believed in by people who are not remotely connected to the real world.

Either because they're from the cloistered environs of academia, who understand the science but not the real-world implications of the damage we do, or they are from the Labour Party and straight out of the university library or union halls and have relied on the aforementioned wonks, who have led us down a very dangerous path.

So, to the supply, we have been conned.

We didn’t pay the premium for early delivery, we didn’t have any urgency, we were blinded by the dumb belief that a locked border was all we needed, and we could take all year no worries. What a farce.

We could have jabbed everyone if we started in February by June. And yet here we are in August 118th in the world locked down, everything shut, and yet again going nowhere.

That's where this Government's plan, or lack of plan has landed us. Front-liners not protected because of lack of supply, 118th in the world, locked down like nowhere else apart from the other inept idiots across the Tasman.

The scam is up. The con is exposed. The Ardern Show was as shallow as ‘be kind’ and stick a teddy in the window.

You think they're going to put this on the cover of Vogue or Time?

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