Mike's Minute: Of course we shut the bubble, we're sitting ducks to Delta

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Mon, 26 Jul 2021, 9:31AM

Mike's Minute: Of course we shut the bubble, we're sitting ducks to Delta

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Mon, 26 Jul 2021, 9:31AM

It's been going long enough to have established a well-rehearsed sort of pattern, hasn’t it?

The Thursday headlines of the Cabinet is going to meet to talk about the bubble, you knew at that point it was over.

Then the news the announcement wasn’t going to be made until Friday afternoon, ah the old theatrics at play again.

Then the news the pulpit of truth would be frequented by Ashley Bloomfield, Chris Hipkins, and our great saviour and leader Jacinda Ardern, thus confirming all you needed to know, the bubble was closed.

They, in many respects, had no choice.

They had no choice because we have seen just how dangerous it is to be asleep at the wheel when it comes to a vaccine rollout.

Scott Morrison had last week, as bad a week in office as he has ever had.

Having ridden a wave of popularity on closing the borders and keeping the economy from tanking, he made the same mistake our lot did.

And that was to bask in his own glory way too long and forget to ring some people about a vaccine.

Well, sort of.

He actually had the vaccine sorted.

It was AstraZeneca.

He had plenty of it.

His own company CSL was going to make the rest locally.

That was until Germany freaked out about some medical data and the rest is history.

So it was off to Pfizer.

Upshot being, although they're not as slack as us, they're pretty slack and when you're asleep and mistakes are made at the border, the next thing you know you’ve got the trouble they have.

That exact same trouble is still a very real prospect for us.

We are sitting ducks because this government don't know Pfizer's phone number and more criminally don't want to call because they're more obsessed with making sure the third world gets a fair deal.

They burst the bubble, first and foremost, not to protect us, but protect themselves.

They know they are one small cock up away from being Scott Morrison and having to say sorry to a nation for an attitude towards jabs that is now costing them billions.

Morrison has admitted he was wrong.

It was a race, it is a race, and always has been.

This government said we are in no hurry.

They are wrong.

Wrong then and wrong now.

Luck is all that separates us out yet again from an increasingly fragile normality and another lockdown.

We had the answer, we have the answer, and yet still with Delta closing borders but a couple of hours from us, they still tell you being 125th in the world is somehow acceptable.