Mike's Minute: Democracy has failed Syria

Newstalk ZB Staff,
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Monday, 16 April 2018, 6:32a.m.

Three key things happened with Syria over the weekend. One, Trump and co pulled the trigger. Two, Jacinda Ardern stood on the Gold Coast saying she could understand why they did it, but it really needed to go back to the United Nations  for diplomacy. And three, I watched The Final Year, the documentary that covered Obama’s last year in office.

The stars of the film were the President, John Kerry, Samantha Powers, the UN rep for America, Susan Rise, chief security adviser who  barely featured at all, and Ben Rhodes, Obama’s foreign policy speech man

Now, although the theme of the film was the final year and all the things on their agenda, what it was really about was Syria and how that long conflict came to dominate their every waking minute, and their tool of choice for solving the issue was diplomacy.

Now, if you followed proceedings at the time you know how it all ends, hence it was still an issue on Saturday when Trump pulled the trigger. 

Because diplomacy is a bust. Diplomacy is saddled down with idealism and false hope.

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