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Labour MP Stuart Nash quits Mike Hosking Breakfast live on-air

NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Wed, 9 Feb 2022, 10:38AM

Labour MP Stuart Nash quits Mike Hosking Breakfast live on-air

NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Wed, 9 Feb 2022, 10:38AM

Labour Cabinet Minister Stuart Nash dropped a bombshell live on-air this morning, resigning unexpectedly from Mike Hosking's top-rating breakfast show on Newstalk ZB. 

Nash surprised Hosking by quitting his regular slot alongside National MP Mark Mitchell, calling time on five years of banter with the breakfast host. 

"I've been doing the show now for five years. I think people know and I get this feedback that Mitch and I are great mates and believe it or not I actually consider you a good mate too," the MP told Hosking. 

"We've had some stoushes over the years but your listeners would be interested to know that when we catch up it's always really courteous and we get on well. 

"But I wonder mate, after five years, I think it might be time for a new Labour voice to come on the show and defend the fantastic record of this Government," Nash said. 

An incredulous Mike Hosking responded: "Are you resigning on-air?" 

"You're calling the protesters soft and you're running for the hills. You're Jacinda-ing it," he added. 

Nash denied the claim, saying he would be happy to appear on the show on behalf of his Cabinet portfolios. 

Mark Mitchell then turned on Nash, saying that his pal was quitting because of recent Labour polling. 

Hosking then told Nash that he was on the "biggest radio programme in this country by so far it isn't funny" and revealed that Nash was chosen for the slot because he was the "best of very small, moderate bunch". 

He then praised the departing MP and delivered a broadside to his Cabinet colleagues, saying they would struggle to find a replacement who could be entertaining and authoritative and lacked "an ideological bent that would drive us nuts". 

Nash argued it was a busy time for the Government before Hosking stated: "Why don't I quit? I've had enough". 

"Would you Mike?" Nash replied. 

"Imagine if I left the media landscape, you'd be partying for days," Hosking claimed. 

"If you leave then I will stay," Nash countered. 

Hosking then jokingly asked if the Minister wanted to be paid more for his appearance. 

"Is the money not good enough?" he asked. 

"Well it's nothing compared to what you earn," Nash replied, before Hosking hit back with a speedy rejoinder. 

"Yeah but I'm good, that's the difference mate, I'm worth every cent". 

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