John Key: 90 Day trials report, migration and paid parental leave veto

Newstalk ZB Staff ,
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Monday, 20 June 2016, 8:38AM

Prime Minister John Key joins Mike Hosking to start the political week. 

They discuss a Treasury report that shows that the 90 Day trial period had failed to boost employment, which Key disagrees with based on anecdotal evidence.

"If you take the advice away for a moment and put yourself in the shoes of a business owner with three employees, who is thinking of taking on a 4th one, you can't tell me the fact that they know the impact that one staff member that might not work out would have on their business, and you can't tell me that they fact that they can sever that relationship isn't a factor in allowing them to hire them," he said.

They also discuss the impact of migration on the economy, the paid parental leave veto, and the impact that Brexit could have on New Zealand.   

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