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Auckland Airport defends itself from criticism

Newstalk ZB Staff,
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Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 7:58a.m.

Auckland Airport says it's delivering a good service in a position where the entire airport is being upgraded.

This from chief executive Adrian Littlewood amidst claims from ZB's Mike Hosking that the airport's service is an embarrassment.

He says he'd rate the airport a seven or eight out of ten.

"And that's based on customer feedback. We look at the survey data and look at all that, and that suggests that, on the whole, we're doing a pretty good job. At times it doesn't go well, sure, but we put it right."

Littlewood told Mike Hosking they're building more infrastructure than ever before.

"I think we deliver a really good service in a position where we are really upending upgrading the entire airport and we will continue to work hard and make it as good as we can during this period of transition."

Littlewood says once that period's completed, the airport will be world class.

He also told Mike that airlines are looking to apply more pressure to get an advantage.

It comes as airline chiefs step up the fight for what they say is a fairer price regime for the service they get at the airport.

Air New Zealand says Auckland and Sydney airports are making super profits.

Littlewood says every five years airlines come out and try to solve a problem they paint as dramatic.

"The reality is that there is no problem really to be addressed with the regime that we have and the commission is the best organisation to review that, and the regime is actually working."



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