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Mike's Minute: The Warriors are back! This is our year!

Publish Date
Mon, 20 May 2024, 10:35am

Mike's Minute: The Warriors are back! This is our year!

Publish Date
Mon, 20 May 2024, 10:35am

How long have we waited to start the week this way? 

Last time we were here for a Warriors' Monday was the draw against Manly. 

From then we've had four losses. And let's be honest with Penrith - who thought that was possible?! 

Just to put it in context, they're not just the best side for the past handful of years, but also a side we have to come up against while battered by a succession of losses, mentally in a hole and with some big questions being asked about what has happened to them. 

Add to that the injuries that produced a side that had limited NRL experience and then add the injuries during the game that had players off maybe to come back, maybe not. 

Add to that the fact the kickoff sailed into the dead goal area and handed the Panthers the ball, who then took said ball and wandered up the field in the opening minutes  to score, setting the scene for what most of us would have thought would be an onset of a beating. 

And yet by half time we were remarkably still in it. 

Not that it matters, but as much focus as was on the Warriors and our issues, the Panthers made many a mistake. Now, was that an off day or was that pressure? 

Who cares? What it was was something that kept us in the game. 

We led, they replied. We were behind, we came back. It had that feel that in a good year it could be ours, but in any other year the best side in the NRL would come back and do what was required. 

Yet they didn't. The penalty they had exposed the fact Nathan Cleary, who wasn’t there, doesn’t have a proper kicking stand-in. Question to Dad - why not? 

So they kicked from in front of the posts and missed. They deserved to lose because it was a crap call that got them the penalty in the first place. 

We have players you have never heard of, led by Taine Tuaupiki, who was a star when a star was most needed. 

If you ever wanted to break a drought, this was the way to do it. Not just win, but win by beating the best. 

Reminding yourself if in the darkest of days you can beat the best you can beat anyone. 

And if you can beat anyone, then that means this is our year. 



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